Church History

Church History

On January 27, 1955, a group of Christians, former members of the St. Paul M.B. Church, met in the home of the late Rev. J.F. Clark for worship service and to organize what is now the Mount Harmony M. B. Church.

The group met again on February 1, 1955, and voted this day as the first date of service for the New Testament Baptist Church. The Rev. J.F. Clark was also elected as the Pastor. During this leadership, services were conducted in his home at 1610 Missouri St. The property on which the church now stands was bought from Rev. Clark, and a new tabernacle was built in the rear until they could build a new church. Shortly thereafter, Rev. Clark died after a long illness.

In May 1955, the church elected Rev. J.D. Walker to carry on as interim Pastor until the church was one year old.

In 1956, Dr. W.L. Martin was elected as pastor. Under his leadership, the congregation moved into the present sanctuary. Under Rev. Martin’s leadership members of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church were added to our church family, along with many others.

In March 1968, Rev. J.C. Collins was elected pastor. The membership continued to grow. Rev. Collins served as Pastor for six years, resigning in June 1974.

On September 25, 1974, Rev. Cleotis Peet was elected as Pastor. Under his leadership, the physical structure and the membership made several improvements. Rev. Peet served for two years and resigned in 1976.

On January 27, 1977, Dr. Robert L. Handley was elected as leader of this church family. Rev. Handley has been a faithful, outstanding leader. He is always striving for the betterment of our church family.

Church History revised/condensed by Sis. Susie Robinson, Jan. 2011



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