How To Take The STEW Out Of Stewardship

Sunday, March 27, Rev. William Jaques, Jr., of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention shared several messages of stewardship with Mt. Harmony MBC, How To Find Joy Through Truth; How To Find Joy Through Giving; and How To Find Joy Through Spending.

His presentation put the pieces of the stewardship puzzle in just the right places, with scriptural understanding on giving, tithing, and saving.

Truth: Tithing is not just an Old Testament concept, it is a Bible concept.

Jaques used Bible Truths & Everyday Insights, to lead Mt. Harmony through Myths and Truths, Growing and Giving, as well as the 10-80-10 Guideline. Sis. Donna Barnes said, “I enjoyed it, I really did. All of the information in his presentation was beneficial from start to finish. I’ve already started applying it.”

Rev. Jeremy Cegers recommends it to couples, and anyone, “I loved it, and have started applying it. I called the mortgage company, and will be done paying for my house in half of the scheduled time.”

A copy of the workbook How To Take The STEW Out of Stewardship: Bible Truths And Everyday Insights, was made available to every member. It outlines Rev. Jaques presentation, including Bible verses to confirm God’s plan for giving. The workbook also includes an appendix of worksheets and budgets to help us become better givers, as well as debt free.

The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord. (Psalms 24:1)


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