Hat’s Off to Mrs. Handley – Luncheon

The women of Mt. Harmony MBC, will honor Mrs. Carrie Handley, in conjunction with the Pastor & Wife’s Anniversary.

The festivities are scheduled for Saturday, May 14,  11 a.m. – 1 p.m., in the conference room of the Robert L. Handley, Family Life Center.

Every woman is asked to wear a hat. Let’s celebrate our first lady, and “Have a Hat of a Time!”

History of the “Church Hat”

In the early 20th century, Sunday church services provided African-American women who worked as domestic servants or in other subservient roles the only real chance to break away from their drab, dreary workday uniforms. They favored bright colors and textured fabric — the bolder the better, really — and topped their outfits off with a flamboyant hat, or “crown.”

Elaborate outfits also served as a way to honor God. Women showed respect and reverence by dressing up for church. In earlier times, slaves might wash their one set of clothes; field workers might decorate a straw hat with a ribbon or flower to look more formal. And a new hat, when she could afford it, made the wearer look and feel completely different.

-Excerpt from Gospel Connoisseur, and “History of The Church Hat”



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